How to Tie the #OneStunna

Here are the tying instructions to tie a #OneStunna:


Size 18-12 2x long Standard hook

8/0 thread

Bead to match hook size

Peacock hearl

Pheasant Tail fibers

Copper wire

.10-.15 lead

First slide the appropriate sized bead onto the hook. ( Can be tied in sizes 18-12)


Next put in 8-12 wraps of .10- .15 lead to center the bead onto the hook then slide it all to the head of the fly. (make sure the lead is small enough to side under the bead so it actually center the bead)


Start your thread wrap behind the lead and work your way to the barb of the hook.


Next pull off 4-8 black Pheasant tail fibers depending on the hook size you are using. (bigger the hook more fibers I use)


Measure the tips so they are the length of the hooks shank and tie down to the bend of the hook.


Then fold back the butt ends and wrap forward back to the lead.


Next take a piece of Small copper wire and 3-6 pieces of peacock hearl and tie them down from the start of the lead back to the bend of the hook. ( number of hearl pieces depends on the size of the hook and you could use bigger wire on size 12’s if you wanted to)


Now wrap the peacock hearl around your tying thread a wrap to a bit over half way up the hook shank leaving enough room to create the thorax.  Tie off the hearl and trim away the waist.


Pull the butt ends of the Peasant tail fibers forward and wrap the copper wire forward. Tie it off at the same place you stopped with the peacock hearl. (Make sure to keep the Peasant tail fibers on the top of the hook shank)


Break away the copper wire by twisting it.


Now tie in 3-6 more peacock hearl pieces in the thorax area and twist them around your thread. Wrap them and stack them to make a nice thorax area. Tie it off behind the bead.


Next fold over the remaining butt ends of the peasant tail fibers and tie them off behind the bead.


Finally take two clumps of 4-6 pheasant tail fibers and tie them on each side of the fly for legs. Whip finish the head and your done. # You can add glue if you would like but I find doing two three turn whip finishes does the trick)


Your finished fly:




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